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A dozen world renowned energy experts launch the IEAC

Monday 26 January 2015

A dozen world renowned energy experts launch the IEAC…

“It is really good to know that a group of well-known experts have launched the International Energy Advisory Council (IEAC)."

Dr. R K Pachauri
Director-General, TERI, India
[Chairman, International Panel on Climate Change, IPCC]

“My most sincere applause towards your visionary enterprise.”

Mutsuyoshi Nishimura
Former ambassador UN Climate Change Negotiations (UNFCCC), Japan

26 January 2015

A dozen world renowned energy experts launch the International Energy Advisory Council (IEAC) to assist local and national governments as well as a range of other organizations with the design and implementation of forward-looking energy policy that can contribute significantly to sustainable development, and to climate-change mitigation and adaptation. The initiative has received commendations from political leaders and energy professionals from around the world.

The IEAC’s focus is the replacement or avoidance of the incumbent centralized fossil-fuel and nuclear-energy systems by a combination of greatly improved energy efficiency and decentralized energy. The approach aims to provide a pathway to intelligent energy services for all, based on a decentralized renewable-energy system.

The exceptional team of energy experts, analysts and consultants has collectively advised more than 200 governments and organizations in 27 countries as well as more than 50 international organizations. The truly unique, international group, representing nine countries, is chaired by Allan Jones MBE, who has been instrumental in designing energy and climate protection policy in Woking and London in the UK and in Sydney, Australia. Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney, in a letter of commendation on the IEAC launch, recognizes Allan Jones’ “leadership and expert guidance” in the development of the city’s ground-breaking Decentralized Energy Master Plans.

The IEAC came about following the establishment of the Seoul International Energy Advisory Council, which brought together the energy experts who would subsequently found the IEAC. Chairman Allan Jones said: “We are grateful to the Mayor of Seoul for giving us the idea to offer similar advice to other world cities and organizations as the IEAC (see Mayor Park’s letter of commendation). The world no longer needs or wants centralized energy, fossil fuel or nuclear power plants, and we believe that 100% renewable energy systems are achievable based on a combination of energy efficiency measures and local decentralized renewable-energy systems providing the remaining energy requirements.

Famous energy thinker Amory B. Lovins, Co-founder and Chief Scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute, and a founding member of IEAC, comments: “The IEAC expert consortium brings to a sharp and timely focus many decades of intensive practical experience in designing and implementing the modern energy revolution. If this group of independent global energy leaders didn’t exist, it would have to be invented—so it just has been!”

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