International Energy Advisory Council


Friday 12 December 2014

In November 2013, the Mayor of Seoul appointed ten international energy experts to form the Seoul International Energy Advisory Council (SIEAC) to provide expert energy and climate change advice to the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) on its sustainable energy action plan (“One Less Nuclear Power Plant”). The energy experts all believed that the incumbent centralized fossil fuel/nuclear energy system operating over large grids would be replaced by a combination of energy efficiency and decentralized energy providing the pathway towards a 100% decentralized renewable energy system in the foreseeable future.

The energy experts were of the view that the combination of expertise and experience was too important to limit the knowledge and advice to one city government and that an International Energy Advisory Council (IEAC) should be established independent of the Seoul International Energy Advisory Council to help and advise other world cities and other organizations to develop and implement effective strategies towards a 100% renewable energy future. Following a year in development, the IEAC added two new members and was formally established in November 2014.