International Energy Advisory Council

Seoul International Energy Conference 2015 (SIEC2015)

Thursday 6 July 2017

IEAC-Members’ Presentations at SIEC2015
Seoul City Hall, 11 November 2015


Keynote Speech

— Walt Patterson
Rethinking Energy—Implementing the Global Future Locally Today


— John Byrne & Sun-jin YUN
Seoul Solar City: Policy, Finance & Solar Lifeline Options to Advance Solar City Implementation

— Manfred Fischedick
Governance and Stakeholder Participation: Key to Policy making—Regional and Urban Case Studies from Germany and Korea

— Alan Meier
Re-defining Transportation in the 21st Century City

— Lars J. Nilsson
Sustainable Mobility and Urban Planning

— Teruyuki OHNO & YU Cong
Low Carbon Energy Strategies for Urban Environments—Case Studies from China and Japan

— Mycle Schneider
Exploiting the Daylighting Potential in New-build and Retrofit Buildings

— Gerhard Stryi-Hipp
Sustainable City Energy Strategies - Boosting Energy Efficiency for the Regeneration of Buildings and Districts

Special Presentations

— Allan Jones
Seoul Energy Corporation – How Does the Energy Innovation in a Mega-City Succeed

— Allan Jones
SIEAC Review of ‘One Less Nuclear Power Plant, Phase 2’ Plan

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