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Thursday 6 July 2017

Selection of Documents produced by IEAC Members

This section provides the interested reader with a small selection of publications by IEAC Members released outside IEAC’s specific activities.
IEAC Members have published a very large number of technical papers, peer-reviewed scientific articles, research reports, books and book chapters, policy briefings, newspaper articles and countless conference contributions.
The areas covered range from energy efficiency finance to social transformation in Germany towards sustainable development, include LED street lighting and building efficiency in Indonesia, methodologies to measure sustainability of cities, disruptive energy futures and the financial risks of the Keystone pipeline, cover the challenges of standby power as well as global nuclear power and the question of the "burning issue".
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- Tom Dreessen
- Manfred Fischedick
- Allan Jones
- Dilip Limaye
- Amory B. Lovins
- Alan K. Meier
- Lars J. Nilsson
- Teruyuki Ohno
- Walt Patterson
- Mycle Schneider
- Gerhard Stryi-Hipp

— Tom Dreessen:
• “Making Energy Efficiency Profitable”, 2017

• “IPMPV Overview”, presented at the APEC Workshop on Best Practices Sharing and Technical Capacity Building for M&V Standards of Energy Savings, 3 June 2017

• “Challenges and Solutions to the Global Energy Efficiency Finance Gap”, presented at the Power & Electricity World Philippines, 25 May 2017

• “Global M&V Gap - The Use of M&V for Robust Decision Making”, presented at EE Global, 9 May 2017

• “Led Street Lighting Best Practices - Lessons Learned from the Pilot LED Municipal Streetlight and PLN Substation Retrofit Project (Pilot LED Project) in Indonesia”, 2017

• “ESCO/EE Barriers and Solutions in Southeast Asia”, presented at the First Malaysia ESCO Conference, 15 November 2016

• “Financing Energy Efficiency in Indonesia – Opportunities & Challenges”, presented at EE and RE Solutions for Buildings - Opportunities and Developments in Indonesia, 31 May 2016

• “New Energy Efficiency Project Finance Products”, presented at the Financing EE Building Workshop, 28 September 2015

• “Mainstreaming EE Finance in a Commercial Bank - TA7793 – INO: Institutional Capacity Building of Indonesia Eximbank”, 2015

— Manfred Fischedick:
• “The Future of North Rhine-Westphalia-Participation of the Youth as Part of a Social Transformation towards Sustainable Development”, Sustainability, 2017

• “State of the Low-Carbon Energy Union: Assessing the EU’s progress towards its 2030 and 2050 climate objectives”, IDDRI, 2016

• “Deep Decarbonization Pathways in Germany”, SDSN & IDDRI, 2015

• “The participatory process to a lowcarbon economy in the German state of NRW”, 2015

• “Vier Prinzipien der urbanen Transformation - Städte in Schwung bringen”, ÖkologischesWirtschaften, February 2015

• “Concepts and Methodologies for Measuring the Sustainability of Cities”, Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 2014

Techno-economic evaluation of innovative steel production technologies”, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2014

— Amory B. Lovins:
• “Disruptive energy futures”, 2017

• “Why Are We Saving Electricity Only Half As Fast As Fuels?”, Forbes, 25 April 2017

• “Keystone XL Pipeline Is A Gusher Of Financial Risk”, Forbes, 26 March 2017

With Weaker Fuel Economy Standards, Everyone Loses, Including U.S. Automakers”, Forbes, 17 March 2017

— Alan K. Meier:
• “Should the next standby power target be 0-watt?”, presented at the eceee 2017 Summer Study on energy efficiency, 2017

• “Who are the low energy users: Lessons for climate policy”, presented at the eceee 2017 Summer Study on energy efficiency, 2017

• “Perspectives on Digitalisation: Delivering Energy Services Through the Cloud”, adapted from a talk delivered at the Innovationsforum Energietechnologien, 8 June 2017

— Teruyuki Ohno:
• “Japan’s Energy Saving is not like “wringing out a dry washcloth” - Putting an end to the lost 20 years”, 2015

• ”Opportunities and Challenges for Japanese Local Governments Pursuing 100% Renewables”, presented at ICLEI World Congress, 2015

• “The 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Sustainability”, 2014

• “Diesel Vehicle Emission Control in Tokyo, presented at MoVE2014", June 2014

• “Low Carbon Metropolis: Tokyo’s Climate Change Measures”, presented at 3rd UCLG ASPAC Congress, 2010

— Walt Patterson: :
• “The Burning Issue”, The World Today, February-March 2016

• “Electricity Vs Fire – The Fight For Our Future”, 2015

• “Beyond The Fire Age”, 2013

— Mycle Schneider

— Gerhard Stryi-Hipp

See also presentations at Seoul International Energy Conferences: SIEC 2017SIEC 2016SIEC 2015